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This thing is so abandonded that spider webs are the nicest things prowling here xD
Anyway I don't care to update this, it''s been four years since I don't anyways xD
So just for the sake of it...
And besides, most of the stuff in here is mingling between emo and a concieted brat's ranting xD
Ahh but I miss my childhoof days...
I was reading I used to finish paintings in 3 HOURS!!!
Oh, how'd I LOVE be able to do that now -__-"
Anyways, all I do in LJ now is check some news journals (mainly arana, omona, and aiya they didn't)  and now Mr. Harry's, out of pure love ♥
Haha anyways, I'm retiring to watch Mexico lose to Argetina.
Au Revoir then ~~

Guess who's back?

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! Though i'm almost sure no one missed me I'm quite gald i can use internet agaiin... being banned for so long was hoooooorriiiibleeeeeeeee, I swear... but well evry bad thing has it's bright side, beacuse i know have a better internet speed... which is aweeeesooome beacuse I'm downloading Visconti's movies like mad.. (YAY FOR TADZIO!)

I hope I haven't missed much.. especifically from darkest_nite 

I 'll try to get updated soon.

For now that's all.

L'italia campione del mondo!!!!
What did i tell you?!?!?! VIVA ITALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*dances around histerically*

Been uploading like mad at dA.... and reading "The Historian" eagerly... that's all...

Fratelli d'Italia
L'Italia s'è desta,
Dell'elmo di
S'è cinta la testa.
Dov'è la
Le porga la chioma,
Ché schiava di Roma
Iddio la creò.
Stringiamci a coorte
Siam pronti alla morte
L'Italia chiamò.

Noi siamo da secoli
Calpesti, derisi,
Perché non siam popolo,
Perché siam divisi.
Raccolgaci un'unica
Bandiera, una speme:
Di fonderci insieme
Già l'ora suonò.
Stringiamci a coorte
Siam pronti alla morte
L'Italia chiamò.

Uniamoci, amiamoci,
l'Unione, e l'amore
Rivelano ai
Le vie del Signore;
Giuriamo far libero
Il suolo natìo:
Uniti per Dio
Chi vincer ci può?
Stringiamci a coorte
Siam pronti alla morte
L'Italia chiamò.

Dall'Alpi a Sicilia
Dovunque è
Ogn'uom di
Ha il core, ha la mano,
I bimbi d'Italia
Si chiaman
Il suon d'ogni squilla
Vespri suonò.
Stringiamci a coorte
Siam pronti alla morte
L'Italia chiamò.

Dream of You

Curled in a sea of silk,

The lines of love caress your skin

And as I stare

At beauty's fate

My mind betrays,

My passion fails...

But what to do when love forsakes

And life portrays

a world of you?

And you,

My love,

Of woe

Won’t know

Curled up above

In silken skies

And lulled by, graceful,

Gilded lies.

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enjoy me
Poll #762320 Football Worldcup

Who will win the worldcup this year?

ITALY!!!! YAY!!! OF COURSE!!! *dances around*
France... i like Z. Zidane...
Portugal (haha Simao Sabrosa :P)
Don't care... fck football...

Bind to Eden
Yes.. I'm back, sooner that i would have thought but still... I'M BACK!
 I've already finish one of the paintings i was so longing to finish and it is named exactly as this entry: "Bind To Eden", i don't need to say it's beautiful beacuse all my works are beautiful... so, what else? I did a kind of comic strip of italian playes and my little cartoons haha; "Viva Italia" it's called, you can check it out at dA also two photos one named "The Anonimous Italian" and "Dreams of You" .
ummm ok ..
I'll go but 
remeber this words:

The Begining of the End
Well, I salute you from the end of the world.

This all " I've been kicked out of my house" isn't that bad... all I need is to buy a laptop promptly so I can paint and feel happy browsing around watching Tadzio pics :P
A cousin came along, he's not what you'd call amazingly fun but he's nice and cute and, after all, my cousin :P
so I'm not too alone, though I really miss my house.
Here it’s huge, even more than my ex-home and it's marvelous... it makes me forget that I'm trapped and almost encaged.
I've been listening to one of Mozart's arias just because this computer ha nothing better to listen to... I miss my 3gb of music... and my baroque cds... but I haven't shred as many tears as I thought I would have...
which I think is something good..
I' ve been drawing lots, since I have little to entertain myself on that is not painting doors... and reading a book that's called "The Historian" haha when I bought it I didn't realize that the whole thing was about Dracula and when I found out I was like " YAY!!! Bloodsucking for a change!!!"
And oh god!!! all you anime lovers out there, you just have to get a hold on the series of "Gankutsuo: The Count of Montecristo" it's marvelous, the design is weird but nice, and the trama is wonderful, if you've seen or read The Count of Montecristo you know the storyline but this has a few twirls that will make you drool over your TV... haha I should be an anime advertiser...
Anyway, anyone who wants to stuck me inside a box and take me to Tuscany? Or Naples? I don't care as long it is at least near Italy...
Hope you guys are doing wonderfuly!

The Last Movement of a Very Short Sonata

Adagio Luctuoso

So, this is it... we've finally crossed the bridge and burned it over...
I've been officially  kicked out of my house for being such a lousy daughter and  sent to a forlorn corner of the world were I’m banned from computer and telephone, for being inexistent there...
I shall die out of sheer frustration, I think, but the problem is that if I don't I really don't know what will I do...
If I thought that my life had gone astray, this surely makes it more evident -and I realized I can't even flee to Italy which made me awfully sad...-
Oh, I don't know if I should cry or kill someone...I’m stressed to the highest level.. my head hasn't stopped aching me and I just can't stand the idea of living with alone my mom ....
geeze.. if there's a creature in this world that does not understand me that's her... not that I don't love her or anything... but she doesn't give a damn for art, and her ways of raising a child are weird...

/sigh/ maybe I’m just being a drama queen, but I really don't want to go! my computer keeps me alive! how will I survive without it?!?!?! it gives me music, art and an impressive variety of forms of beauty, how am I supposed to live without it??? My goddamn novel is inside it, all my paintings, all my music.. my entire life.....................

How pathetic...

Bye bye, New York, Venezia and all my dreams of finding art sponsors... bye, bye to my not even started career... bye bye to the little life I still possessed... bye bye to all of you who read this thing...

Arrivederchi mio carissimos--

PS: Hope i can manage to find a computer with internet somewhere... and a life too

A symphony of sins, beauty and ways astray, you lead the chorus singing, deep and mourning wails...

Happiness is something easy to acquire

And just out of my love for Tadzio..
So today -or more like yesterday- father's day was celebrated so I got up very early to go and find a beautiful set of flowers for my daddy and made him a card ^^ ok, it's not much but... still it's something.. I'll post a pic of the flowers later... 
and oh! I got a new camera!! haha I'm so happy! I've been wanting a digital camera since always! It's not marvelous, it was cheap, but it's nice.. it's a 5.0 MP HP Photosmart ^^ I'm going to have so much fun with it!!!
And just because I’m in an Italian mood... curse the goddamn Italian national football team! curse them!!! how dare they end up even vs. the US?...
hahaha yeah... porca misseria!!!! :P
hahaha knowing the fact that I don't like football I'm suspicious that I was, in one of my other lifes, Italian..

FLowers <--- randomness

adgio, angelo... Adagio Tempestuoso
I’m becoming the most disastrous thing I’ve been since I can remember...
It's hideous, I can’t handle a house-hold... I’m lousy at it and it's making me sick...
I'm starting to lose my nerves.. and that's.. perilous...
I just daydream of fleeing to a small Italian town and have fun inventing ways to survive...
I'm speaking nonsense... and I feel murderous, avid of blood yet longing for beauty and innocent creativity...
I need to work desperately... or I’m going to be depressed and deep as hell... where's my novel gone?! my art... I die without it... I crash.. good god!!!!!!!!!
hahaha hilariously my only sustain in this moment is Angelo and a gallery full of Tadzio's pics....
god, how can such beauty can be materialized in flesh and bone? impossible! it's just as if someone had taken dictation from my model of beauty and molded it until he came out... impressive... overwhelming... I’ve been almost a year studying him, perplexed, only to conclude that perfection is possible in such a simple and pure way...
Ah! I have Azenbach's same problem.. beauty blows me away so easily that it's almost comic...


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